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Meet Our Staff

Caring and dedicated people are drawn to, and successful in, the long-term care industry. We are proud of the great diversity in cultures, religions, educational and professional experiences, and ages that grace our communities. Each staff member brings their own unique talents and servant attitude when they come to work. Here are just a few of the great people who serve Chancellor’s seniors.

As employees of Devonshire Acres, we take as our mission the privilege of proving and promoting resident-centered, professional care that demonstrates integrity and superiority of standards in all areas of service.

We choose to conduct ourselves in a responsible, kind and supportive manner, not only with residents and their families, but with each other, creating an effective team with the highest regard for life, principles and property.

The goal of our mission is to team with others to improve the health status of all residents through conscientious attention to the details of care, and in so doing, prevent regression of disease.

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